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Meet the workshops from Strasbourg

9 workshops were created throughout the Study Session "Broadcasting Democratic Consciousness". The participants had a task to create something new which would link human rights education with media education or internet literacy.

1. Visual Literacy

with Ramin, Roman, Bohdana-Yarina and Tigran

• Inputs about photography, performative art accompanied with the debriefing.

• Performance and creative workshop on human rights violations.

2. Children's rights online

with Teodora, Lara, Emil, Gaga

• Target group – teachers

• Discussion game – debate about children’s rights online (rights to privacy and the role of parents)

3. Critical Thinking

with Ahad, Nane, Svetlana, Marija

• Understanding why critical thinking is important in relation to media.

• Case studies and video, accompanied with a debriefing.

4. Beauty standards in cyberspace

with David, Anastasiia, Natali and Chiara

• Target groups: Teenagers

• Quiz on Instagram about stereotypes;

• Discussion and brainstorming on where beauty standards come from and how it affects kids, teenagers and adults.

• Audio-visual inputs – photos and videos.

• Call for action!

5. Against Cyberbullying

with Vasiliy, Diana, Marina and Katerina

• Understanding the cyberbullying

• How to construct a campaign online and offline.

• Group work on creating a campaign.

6. Gender-based hate speech online

with Ilias, Jelena, Katerina, Alba

• Target: young people aged 14-17

• Combination of presentation, facilitated discussion, group work and social media research, together with an input on terms, roles and concepts.

7. Counter Narratives against hate speech

with Nick, Nilza, Matteo and Ajsela.

• Part of a bigger educational activity;

• Understanding what is counter narratives;

• Brainstorming, world café on cases and debriefing.

8. Manipulation with Statistics

with Sasha, Yana, Ilia and Subhan

• Input and output - learning by doing;

• Practical workshop on fact-checking tools;

• Case-studies in groups.

9. Human Rights for Parents

with Sevag, Irakli and Julia

• Target group: Parents;

• Raising awareness of parents on the privacy rights and cases of cyberbullying regarding their children.

• Case study of a crisis situation between a parent and a child, and the behaviour of the parent that causes the violation of the rights of the child.

• Role-play, group discussions, case study and a video screening.

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