HREYN is supervised by the board composed of at least of a chairperson a vice-chairperson and a general secretary who perform duties without payment or other benefit.

The Board is elected by the General Assembly in extraordinary session for a period of 2 years. The members of the Board can be re-elected for the next period of 2 years under condition that they can carry their function only in 2 consecutive periods. When electing the board the General Assembly ensures that gender and geographical balance are encouraged and respected and members of the board are elected without any discrimination on any ground.

The following are the functions of the Board:

  • Reporting to the general assembly;

  • Monitoring the implementation of the strategic directions and action plan, activities of the executive organ;

  • Resolving the conflicts and disputes;

  • Electing the board chair;

  • Appointing the executive organ officer, vice-officer and the department heads if needed;

  • Dismissing the executive organ officer and the department heads;

  • Approving the budget and changes in budget.

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Chair of Board

Trainer in human rights education;
Expert and consultant on youth policy and participation, human rights education policies;
Bureau member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.



Board Member

PhD at human rights,
Expert and researcher in education policy and human rights issues.
Trainer on human rights education.



Vice-Chair of Board

Activist and Educator on human rights. Expert on non-profit management, strategic management and development.



Board Member

Expert at human rights and youth work, trainer at human rights education, consultant on Russian-EU relations.



Secretary General

Activist on human rights, youth empowerment and social inclusion of minorities.

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The Board meets as many times as determined by its Chairperson or by initiative or petition of a simple majority of its members. It is constituted when attended by a majority of its members and for their agreements to be valid they should be taken by majority of votes. In case of tie, the vote of the Chairperson will be of quality. The Board should meet at least once a year.