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Asociatia idei si proiecte pentru tineri activi


a non-profit based in Oradea, aiming to promote EU values among young people through through youth work, social work, arts and music, formal and non-formal education.


Center for Human Rights AMOS

North Macedonia

A citizen’s association based in Bitola. It is formed by free association of the citizens because of realization and reconciliation of their interests and also, accomplishment of activities with aim for promotion of the human rights, women’s rights and especially, children’s rights.




A non-profit organisation dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights for equality. Built with the aim to empower youth, regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or any other social identifier, to start making the social change they aspire to see in their own communities!

DROA uses education and raising awareness as the key tools bringing a significant contribution to enhancing the creation of diversity-positive society.


International project -

Youth Human Rights Movement

Russian Federation

YHRM unites more than 1500 young people and activists interested in Human Rights ideas and active in Human Rights promotion. Apart from anti-racist activities YHRM is active in Human Rights education, protection of Human Rights

defenders, civic oversight of the state institutions and remembrance issues.


Institut International des droits de l'homme

et de la paix


The International Institute for Human Rights and Peace aims at promoting and defending human rights, international humanitarian law and peaceful settlement of disputes. The Institute is a flexible and reactive instrument, ready to adapt to the civil society’s needs. In order to fulfill its associative purpose, the Institute placed awareness-raising at the heart of its activities. Whether these activities are targeting high school students, general public, lawyers, youth policy actors or scholars, they will always involve both non-formal education and juridical expertise, now at the heart of our approach


Giosef Torino - Marti Gianello Guida A.P.S. 


Youth organisation based in Turin - Giosef stands for "GIOvani SEnza Frontiere": Youth without borders.  Giosef works on youth work and non-formal education especially with human rights educaiton aspect, and applies its intersectional approach. In addition, the organisation promotes anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homo-lesbo-bi-transphobic and anti-xenophobic culture.

Green Light 4 the civil initiatives-01.p

The Green Light for the Civil Initiatives Foundation 


GLCIF’s mission is to support civil initiatives in the field of social justice and equality for discriminated and less privileged

groups. The Foundation is aiming to promote global citizenship and European values, to educate the public on human rights and challenges facing modern society, to foster mutual understanding and dialogue on the controversial issues, and assist discriminated and less empowered groups to promote protect their rights. 


Kharkiv Regional Foundation "Public Alternative"


The mission of the Foundation is a public promoting the establishment of an open civil society in Ukraine and realization of rights and civil freedoms. The objective of the Foundation is to protect human rights, to promote the values of a democratic society, ways and means of their achievement in Ukraine. This objective is realized through the work in the following areas: Children’s Rights, Counteraction of discrimination and implementation of inclusion, Fair Justice, Human rights education, International solidarity in the field of human rights.


Redu-Rete Educare Diritti Umani


The association aiming to promote social solidarity, human rights education in Italy and abroad, in order to contribute to

the active development of a responsible citizenship and a culture of peace. In coherence with its aims, REDU organise

activities to promote human rights education and human rights culture in Italy and abroad. The activities aim to contribute to the active development of a responsible citizenship and a culture of peace.


Stowarzyszenie dla Dzieci i Mlodziezy SZANSA


Association for Children and Young People CHANCE is a non-profit acting mainly on local and regional levels. Its main areas of activities include: education, youth work and youth policy, support, counseling and therapy and publication of resources. It aims at providing children and young people with services supporting their development and acting against all forms of violence and discrimination. There are some 150 young people taking part in the activities of the organization each week – young people come from very different backgrounds: ethnic minorities (Roma), disabled young people, young people coming from dysfunctional families.

rope netzwerk-06.png

Netzwerk ROPE e.V.


Youth workers organisations Rope has organised or been partners in short and long term European projects like training courses and youth exchanges. It is based in a youth center called "JugendKlub Kranichstein" The second one being the so called "P.eers-Project"; as can be seen from the title it is all about young people supporting young people in their local community through peer education and counseling. A third local (and sometimes regional or even international) project is the "Lebende Bibliothek" (internationally known as "Living Library" or "Human Library") that is executed since 2010. ROPE is active in two long term projects for job integration focusing also on refugees and other vulnerable groups.

CAAT Projects-01.png

Stichting CAAT Projects


CAAT stands for Creating Arts, Alternatives Together and it uses creativity and arts to empower vulnerable groups and promote tolerant communities. By collaborating with local initiatives that look to empower vulnerable communities (or groups), CAAT projects aims to bring creative and sustainable methods that help them realise their full potential.


MIILZA Project


A youth organisation based in Helsinki, Finland aiming to increase young people's wellbeing in society and contribute to the promotion of peace, equality and human rights locally and internationally. The association aims to empower young people and to offer them a platform for self-development through various workshops and events. In addition, we want to create opportunities for intercultural learning and European collaboration. Our activities are open to all youngsters, but we want to target especially the young people who are at risk of getting isolated from society. We want to activate the young people who are passive, encouraging citizen activism.

დრონის ახალი ლოგო-13.png

Youth Association DRONI


A non-governmental organization based in Tbilisi with the mission to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. In order to meet this task the association has been implementing the educational and youth development programmes.
The organisation aims are to support the young people’s physical, spiritual and educational development and to develop educational initiatives in the field of civil society, conflict resolution, human rights and peace-building, to promote intercultural relations in Georgian society or Youth


Youth Initiative for Human Rights


YIHR aims to contribute to regional reconciliation and strengthening of democracy and rule of law principles on local, national, regional and global level. Therefore, YIHR is engaged in the development of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue among youth as better understanding of each other is seen as an essential aspect of sustainable peace in the region and beyond. (White Paper on intercultural dialogue, Council of Europe and European Commission's Green Paper on "Confronting demographic change: a new solidarity between the generations") The organization's main tools are empowerment of young leaders and advocacy actions for establishment of new policies and practices that will foreground government accountability, rule of law, equality and respect of human rights. In addition, such policies should bring sustainable peace in the region, and overall promotion of European integration process in Serbia.




At XELI, it is believed that digital tools are not silver bullets, and critical thinking and decision making are bona fide manifestations of holistic digital security. For years, XELI has  been implementing projects with the goal to inspire and strengthen critical thinking about digital security risks and importance of cyber hygiene. By empowering participants to develop a personalized understanding of digital security concepts, they come away equipped with the information they need to make their own decisions about which tools and practices are best for them. Furthermore, through our educational activities, we bridge human rights and technology; we support our target groups to identify threats of their rights and introduce relevant concepts of cyber hygiene

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