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Human Rights Education and training comprises all educational, training, information, awareness-raising and learning activities aimed at promoting universal respect for and observance of all human rights and fundamental freedoms and thus contributing, inter alia, to the prevention of human rights violations and abuses by providing persons with knowledge, skills and understanding and developing their attitudes and behaviours, to empower them to contribute to the building and promotion of a universal culture of human rights.

United Nations. 2011. Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training

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Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN) is an independent international non-governmental organisation composed of a network of trainers, activists, youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, researchers, volunteers, professionals and other people committed to promoting human rights education and the protection of human rights. HREYN has the mission to work for the recognition and the development of human rights education as an essential instrument for the universal respect for and promotion of Human Rights.


According to the newest strategy HREYN will implement activities that will promote and advocate human rights education, extend practicing educational activities, methodologies and support mechanisms, promote human rights, democracy and rule of law, and develop the capacities of the members.
Throughout these directions, HREYN will create various training courses, study sessions, youth exchanges and innovative tools in duration of 5 years.

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