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Call for participants - New study session in Budapest

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Advancing at Constructing Safe Learning Space in Non-formal Education is the title of the new study session that HREYN is organising in cooperation with WOSM (World Organisation of Scout Movement) and Council of Europe's Youth Department at European Youth Centre in Budapest.

A safe space can describe a physical space where people feel that there is no risk, they are sheltered and at ease. But this expression also describes a state of mind and mood where people feel comfortable, same from harm, trusting and willing to open themselves.

With this study session the networks express the need to further explore the means and methodologies of operationalising safe space in the non-formal learning settings.

The study session will host 40 participants, individuals coming from HREYN or WOSM, or

outside. We will gather a mixed group of youth workers, educators, trainers and facilitators, study session managers and coordinators, organisational decision makers, and others involved in educational activities in their organisations.

The objectives of the study session are:

- To gather educators and practitioners of non-formal learning and human rights educators, synchronise understanding of general terms and map the practises of creating and holding safe spaces in the educational settings;

- To challenge and improve the existing non-formal methods and examine their ability to ensure a safe space, by identifying the key indicators for safe, respectful, and equal space in the group learning settings;

- To create new non-formal tools, methods, protocols, and guidelines for creating and ensuring safe space in human rights education;

We would like to engage participants to create outputs to be delivered after the study session:

- Glossary of relevant terms, i.e. safe space, power dynamics and gender dimension, intersectionality, intercultural understanding in non-formal education settings.

- A reader on safe space and key indicators for equal, respectful and inclusive learning process in human rights education as well as indicators for unsuccessful execution of the abovementioned notions (pitfalls and red flags);

- A compilation of tools on creating safe space for exchange, sharing, learning and working individually and in groups.

The study session will be held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest.

More information about the study session can be found here:

INFOPACK - Advancing at constructing safe learning space in non-formal education
Download PDF • 745KB

The application form to this study session is here. The deadline for this form is September 16th.

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