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8th of March - by Chiara

Illustration by Chiara DE MARCHIS

"I ask myself what feminism is, to myself, to the society, for the people that are around me. Two words keep echoing in my mind: courage and freedom. What is courage, but more importantly what is freedom? I think about the YPJ Fighters, the Partisan Fighters, the queer movement militants, the Chinese pirates of the 17th century, at my grandmothers, at my mother, at my sister... I wonder in an endless universe over my head made of stars and constellations, they are the women that inspired me in these years, with whom I spend austral moments, everyday moments, in my imagination and in the reality. My universe of free and brave women is limitless and in constant evolution, here, you can find a precious and little fragment of it. Together, with courage, we keep fighting for freedom."

for 8th of March from Chiara De Marchis Garofalo

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