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Looking back on Reclaiming Civic Space

A throwback to our project "Reclaiming Civic Space".

Human Rights Education Youth Network recently conducted a project called "Reclaiming Civic Space," which aimed to address the issue of shrinking civic spaces for youth education through non-formal education. The project was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The local perspectives were an essential aspect of the project. The participants were encouraged to organize local actions in their own regions to practice what they learned.

The project had a diverse group of participants from various backgrounds, ages, and circumstances. Participants gained skills and knowledge to address shrinking civic spaces in their local context, and they had a chance to discuss different reasons for it. Based on the feedback, the participants found the sessions and materials effective in engaging them and taking their learning to a new level.

Some of the participants who had never worked in the field of activism before are now involved in two or three projects addressing issues. The project has inspired participants to develop their ideas and skills to implement them in their local context. The project has had a sustainable impact, and participants have started other projects related to the issue of shrinking civic spaces. The project had a positive impact on the participants and their communities, and it encouraged them to take action. The project's outcomes will be useful for many youth workers and activists, and it will have a long-lasting impact. The Human Rights Education Youth Network continues to hold workshops and projects to promote human rights education and empower young people.

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