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Heroes on Go

Should social media be regulated by national law? Are Neo-Nazis better communicators than human rights activists? Is Combating hate speech restriction of freedom of expression?  These, and more were the questions participants had to decide whether to agree or not. Training course intends to provide them with the necessary critical thinking skills, as not to fall for extremist and populists ideas and become the advocate and campaigner for human rights using counter and alternative narratives. 

"House of Heroes" is a multiple phase project, which began in Belgium, with a training course that unites 27 professionals working with young people. HREYN is responsible for the content and providing activities that answer the needs of the participants and the project objectives.  After 9 days of the training course, heroes will be ready to carry out their own actions for young people, supporting them to build up their resistance to an oppressive and hate-driven narratives.

They stand for justice and equality, combating hate by discrediting and deconstructing the narratives on which they are based while proposing narratives based on human rights  And where do you stand? 

This project is implemented by our members Youth Association DRONI and We Speak Love (DROA), it was supported by BIJ - Belgian National Agency under Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. #Houseofheroes #HoH #CAN #ErasmusPlus #SayNoToHate #HumanRighs #HRE #HR #youthwork #trainingcourse

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