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Carta di Lampedusa

HREYN team was in charge of the pedagogical aspect of the summer camp in Lampedusa organised together with Amnesty International. The camp brought together young human rights activists from 12 different countries of Europe to be part of the events dedicated to the commemoration of the 3rd of October, 2013, Shipwreck.

We started a programme with team building and getting to known to the diversity of the group. The participants had a chance to get involved in the workshops organised by the Comitato Tre Ottobre in the high school of Lampedusa.

On third of October, participants joined the massive march to commemorate and mourn the victims of the shipwreck which was crowned by the moment of silence at the shipwreck site.

On the latter part of the programme participants created Carta di Lampedusa - a charter which encompasses the impressions of the young activists and a call for action for other young people around Europe.

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