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(Call for participants) Study session AHRE - Advocating for Human Rights Education 2021

To the attention of youth workers, trainers, and activists in the field of Human Rights Education

HREYN is looking for youth workers, trainers, and activists interested in joining the 2021 Study Session “AHRE - Advocating for Human Rights Education” which will be held at the EYCB - European Youth Centre Budapest form 26th of April until 1st of May 2021.


Join us in quest to share and learn together about advocacy in the context of HRE by filling the application form until the end of February.

The study session is organized by the HREYN network with the support of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Aims and objectives of the activity are as follows:

The aim of the study session is mainstreaming HRE as a human right through advocacy.


1. To understand, exchange and reflect on HRE and HR;

2. To discuss HRE as a human right and the ways to improve access to it;

3. To develop understanding and strengthen competences on advocacy in relation to HRE;

4. To introduce EDC/HRE Charter;

5. To develop advocacy plans on HRE at European, national, regional and local levels.

Please note the following conditions: Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the rules of the Council of Europe. Visa costs will also be covered and visa invitation letters will be issued by the institution upon selection and confirmation of participation. Participation fee of 50 EUR will be deducted from the travel costs.

As always, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: (Vice-Chair of HREYN board and course director) (Board Member and facilitator of the study session)

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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