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Call for Facilitators for the study session “AHRE - Advocating for Human Rights Education”

Dear members of HREYN, We are happy to announce a Call for facilitators for the study session titled ”AHRE - Advocating for Human Rights Education” that will take place on April 20-25 2020 at the EYCB - European Youth Center Budapest. This study session aims to work on supporting the access to human rights education (HRE) as a human right by using the advocacy campaigns. The specific objectives can be found here:

- to map the situational analysis of EDC/HRE in member states of the Council of Europe;

- to provide specific tools for advocacy to individuals and civil society organizations;

- to create supporting tools for civil society organizations to advocate human rights education under the framework of the EDC/HRE Charter.

- to develop specific action plans for advocating human rights education at a national or local level based on the situational analysis.


The study session will be based on the approaches and methodologies of human rights education practiced by the Council of Europe, hence the learning process will ensure non-formal and highly participative activities involving both individual and group learning structured in a holistic way. The overall idea is for the participants to develop necessary set of competences that will be applied in their local context when advocating for the human rights education.

Desired profile of the facilitator:

- be part of the Human Rights Education Youth Network;

- be trainers/facilitators who have been involved at least once in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of an international educational activity;

- have a good understanding of human rights, human rights education and non-formal education approaches and methodology;

- have experience in advocacy for human rights, campaigning, and/or creating effective campaigns for a variety of audiences;

- be motivated in contributing to the development and implementation of the project;

- have a very good command of English. Fluency in Russian is an asset;

- most importantly, be available for the Study Session (20-25 April 2020) and for online support during the intermediate phase (type of activities to be defined with the team and participants) and

- be available for the preparatory meeting on February 1-3, 2020, as well as for the Study Session (April 20-25), that will be held at the Council of Europe EYCB- European Youth Centre of Budapest, Hungary.

Interested applicants should complete the form before November 30 or submit it along with a CV to:; please as well CC: and Note: HREYN will conduct selection process and choose up to 2 facilitators. The feedback will be sent until mid-December 2019.


All travel, board and lodging costs are covered 100% by the Council of Europe. The trainers/facilitators involved in the preparatory teams for the study sessions are not paid; the work in the project is voluntary. For further information, please use some of the contacts given.

We are looking forward to working with you!


HREYN team

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